At Your Doc’s In, we understand some things can’t wait—especially when your little one doesn’t feel well. Plus, we don’t turn anyone away, no matter their age! Our board-certified physicians are trained to treat even the tiniest of humans.

Our schedule is built with you in mind. That’s why we are here for you as a walk-in clinic, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your Doc’s In accepts most major health insurance plans, and if we don’t accept your specific plan, we offer affordable self-pay options as well.

Here at Your Doc’s In, we aim to diagnose and treat you all in one stop. That is why we offer onsite lab testing for rapid strep, RSV, and flu, among others. Also, for our sports loving kiddos, we have in-house x-rays to check for broken bones. We will work closely with your pediatrician’s office and upon request, we can send electronic medical records to their office.

If your child’s pediatrician is unavailable, and they are in need of immediate care, stop by Your Doc’s In today!