Patients’ Personal Use

Quickest option

If you provided a confidential email at any of your visits, you may access your medical records through our patient portal at by using that email to register your account. Please send an email to which includes:

  1. Patient first and last name and date of birth
  2. Month and year of most recent visit
  3. Clinic address of visit
  4. Confidential email address

and we will forward your initial visit to the portal and all future visits will then automatically upload when the provider completes the chart.

If you did NOT provide a confidential email, please forward the following information to or fax to our secure fax number 410-334-6352, so that we can add your email to your account and you may then access your records through our patient portal:

  1. Patient first and last name and date of birth
  2. Picture ID used at registration by the patient or guarantor if patient is a minor
  3. Month and year of most recent visit
  4. Clinic address of visit
  5. Confidential email address

Mailed Option

You may request printed records by completing the Medical Record Release form and emailing to or faxing to 410-334-6352, attention Medical Records. This form must be complete, any missing information may delay processing.

Please allow 5 to 7 days for processing and any records which exceed 10 pages may have a fee attached.

All request for medical records must be requested by fax or email. Your Doc’s In clinics will not provide medical records at the time of visit nor to patients who walk in after a visit.  Patients who are referred to other providers or service centers will have their records forwarded when the referring provider completes the order.