Employee Spotlight: Cathy Toomey

Cathy Toomey
Medical Assistant

Cathy Toomey has been a medical assistant at Your Doc’s In for eight years in April!

For 26 years, Cathy served in the emergency medical field for the Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company, the communities of Caroline and surrounding counties as an EMTB and EMTI. In 2017, Cathy received the Governors Citation for 25 years of active service in Emergency Services.

Cathy’s love for learning is contagious. Always looking for new emergency education opportunities, her favorite two questions are how and why. She believes in paying her knowledge forward and shares her knowledge with those in the medical field interested in learning.

Cathy attributes her success to her family and friend. Without her faith and their unwavering support, she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much over the years!

A great lover of animals, Cathy also enjoys hanging out with her family and friend, sewing and working on “fixer upper” projects around the house.

Cathy’s words of advice to the world: Be nice to each other, remember to be grateful for everything
you have been given and never stop learning!