Emoloyee Spotlight: Cyndi Groce

Cyndi Groce
Radiologic Technologist

In March 2017, Cyndi Groce RT (R) is celebrating her seventh anniversary with Your Doc’s In. She is the YDI staff Radiological Technologist (Rad Tech). She worked at the Easton clinic for five years and, for the last two years, she’s worked at the Cambridge clinic.

A couple of years ago she was assigned the duty of Radiation Safety Officer. With this job she makes sure both patient and tech are in a safe environment while in the YDI x-ray rooms. The safety aspect is her number one concern.

She also does the clerical side of all things x-ray for YDI. She visits all six of YDI clinics periodically to make sure the Rad Tech licenses are posted up to date and our x-ray rooms have all proper documentation on display. She enjoys this part of her job.

“During those trips around the mid and lower Eastern Shore I get to meet some pretty awesome x-ray techs in our other clinics,” says Cyndi. “I love to travel so this part fits me well.”

Cyndi grew up in Talbot County, Maryland and graduated from Easton High School. She had no idea what she wanted to do as a career, until the day she injured her wrist and had x-rays. She thought, “This is the coolest thing in the world… to see the inside of my body!” That’s when she knew what she wanted to do.

She graduated from the Radiological Sciences program at Chesapeake College in 2009 and immediately found a job in an urgent care. It was a great fit for her – she especially likes the fact that she’s able to gain knowledge and learn new skills in the medical field.

Cyndi is now a Certified Medical Assistant in addition to Rad Tech. She’s amazed to see how grateful the patients are that YDI is in their community, to have an alternative to rushing to the emergency room for not so emergent situations.

Cyndi’s favorite part of her job is when a child sees their bones on my screen for the first time. It’s a reaction much like her own, “Whoa, that is inside of me!”